Suzanne Collins Counsellor

How long will the counselling take?

As every client has different needs and has different issues it is not possible to give a number and so it is for us to decide together. However, it is generally assumed that six sessions is a good place to start. We will regularly review how the work is going and see how things are progressing and we will work towards an ending. You may feel after the initial six sessions that more sessions are required or that your issues have been dealt with, in which case the counselling will then come to a positive end.

Is it confidential?

Everything is confidential and you do not have to be referred by a third party such as a doctor. You simply self-refer by making an appointment with me. No one will ever know that you have been for counselling. As a member of the M.B.A.C.P (Accredited) I am bound by its Ethical Framework for Good Practice in Counselling and Psychotherapy at all time. As such, I am committed to ensuring your confidentiality, my supervision and my commitment to continued professional development, in order to further and develop my own skills.

How can counselling be helpful?

It can help you to find solutions to problems, gain insights by better understanding yourself, others, your feelings and behaviours, in order to change them and make other decisions. If you have feelings of anger, guilty, fear, loneliness, anxiety or shame you could benefit from speaking to a counsellor. Then you may feel more confident and react to others differently and feel more positive about your life.

How much will it cost?

Each session will last for 50 minutes, one to one counselling is £45.00. Relationship counselling is £60.00 and family therapy is £65.00.

Initial consultation will be approximately 60 minutes. This will allow you the time to decide whether counselling is for you. You are under no obligation to continue the counselling and you may end the counselling at any time.

After the initial session, there is usually a weekly session of 50 minutes, until you decide that you are able to manage challenges in your own life.

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