Suzanne Collins Counsellor

We will work collaboratively by safely exploring thoughts, feelings, behaviours, relationships and experiences which will help to develop your personal awareness. This will enable personal growth and the opportunity to address issues that may come to the surface during the sessions.

We will regularly review how you feel the counselling is going. My hope is that by the time you have come to the end of your counselling, you will be better able to deal with your life and you will feel empowered and you will have an improved wellbeing.

You have the right to end the counselling at any time.

For those who feel they are unable to attend sessions in person, I am happy to offer telephone counselling, please call so that we may discuss this option.

Due to the current situation with Covid 19 counselling is available in my beautiful, very private garden, for those wishing to have face to face counselling in a safe setting.

Counselling - my approach

I am a sensitive person and believe in treating people as individuals and I have an integrative approach to counselling. I will adapt my approach to suit your specific needs. I will draw on both the Person Centred and the Psychodynamic approach.

I offer safe, confidential, non-judgemental counselling. I am trained to listen and I will be respectful and empathetic.

I will not give you advice, but will support you in making sense of the challenges you are currently facing in your life. I will do this by listening, exploring, reflecting on what I hear and gently challenging you. This may enable you to gain new insight, build on your inner strengths and find a way forward to move on with your life and feel more empowered and in control and hopefully improve your wellbeing.

I appreciate that coming for counselling can seem daunting and overwhelming and as such, we will work at your pace. I will support you through the counselling process and we will work together and hopefully have a good therapeutic relationship built from mutual trust and openness.

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